WixLi solution

WixLi is an innovative wireless solution for lighting management.

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WixLi solution is available in many standard wireless technologies : ZigBee, LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IOT


ZigBee solution :

The equipment is fitted on luminaires and communicates within a mesh standardized network based on ZigBee protocol (IEEE 802.15.4). The luminaires can be remotely controlled by a web software application Wixli-Vision through our gateway (ZigBee, 4G or Ethernet) certified with TALQ V2 standard protocol.


LoRa, LTE-M, NB-IOT solutions :

NEXIODE provides nodes that can be interfaced throught any Software CMS through TALQ V2 standard protocol.

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Wireless platform for smart Cities

WixLi mesh network infrastructure can used to manage many kinds of sensors ( T°, traffic road…)

Energy consumption and electrical measurements

Electrical measurements (P, U, I, kWh) reporting allows to adjust global power consumption

Luminaires's groups

Any configuration is possible whatever electrical network infrastructure

Lighting management with sensors

Sensors can be used to adjust light level according to traffic or human presence

Remote light dimming

Light level can be adjusted specifically according to agenda, GPS localization, luminosity, human activity and traffic

Agenda and time schedule programming

Luminaires’ level can be programmed with a customized time schedule at anytime from anywhere

Remote set-up and agenda programming

Any configuration can be program remotely from anywhere through a web app

Diagnostic and supervision

Our web software app Wixli-Vision can detect any defaults on luminaires

Easy Lights management in few steps

1 - Fit equipments on luminaires
02 - At power on, luminaires appear automatically on the map
3 - Program your scenario with agenda, time schedule, sensors on any groups. Adjust your scenario according to energy consumption target and activities’s city.

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