WixLi  Gateway

WixLi Gateway is able to manage each luminaire through ZigBee network : commissionning, set-up parameters, agendas schedule programming, luminaires real time remote control , electrical data measurements reportings, alarms and diagnostics management through e-mailings. Gateway communicate with 3G or Ethernet with a dedicated external or internal server which is in charge of data managements and savings.


How it works

Gateway WixLi can be fitted on in the electrical cabinet or any support with AC power supply and  can manage ZigBee network luminaires.


Through 4G or Ethernet connexion with secured VPN, Gateway  transmit data reportings to a server.

  • Lights groups

    Lights groups

  • Energy consumption measurements

    Energy consumption measurements

  • Time Schedule program

    Time Schedule program

  • Wireless real time remote control

    Wireless real time remote control

  • Diagnostic and report

    Diagnostic and report

  • Smart city platform

    Smart city platform

  • Sensor management

    Sensor management

  • Light dimming

    Light dimming

Technical characteristics

Normes :

  • EN300328
  • EN301489-1 &EN301489-3
  • EN62479
  • EN62368-1 :20014

Power supply :

  • AC 110-240 Vac
  • DC 5V-18V / 5W
  • Power consumption < 2W (Ethernet mode)
  • Class II (no earth)

Communication :

  • Wireless mesh ZigBee protocoI IEEE802.15.4
  • Frequency band 2.4GHz ( TX 8 dBm / sensibility RX -103dBm)
  • Radio range : until 120 meters
  • Ethernet or 4G

Electrical features :

  • Fit in cabinet or in the mast
  • Relay output for remote control from cabinet
  • Input logical management (sensor, door opening, etc..)
  • RS 485 (ModBus) interface to manage power meter or any

Operatings condition :

  • Temperature : -30 °C / +80 °C
  • Protection class : IP66


WixLi gateway can be fitted in the electrical cabinet and powered by AC or DC supply and can manage luminaires mesh network through ZigBee communication.