WixLi Zhaga

WixLi is a standardized wireless solution dedicated to street lighting management which is based on few kinds of equipments (nodes controller and gateway). A web application software allows remote programming and supervision. WixLi-Zhaga controller can be fitted to a luminaire through Zhaga socket (according to book 18 – Zhaga consortium).


Zhaga is an industry-wide consortium aiming to standardize specifications for interfaces between LED luminaires and light engines. The aim is to permit interchangeability between products made by different manufacturers. Zhaga defines test procedures for luminaires and LED light engines so that the luminaire will accept the LED engine.

Philips Xitanium SR is an ‘open standard’ building block with added intelligence that makes it easier and more practical to add sensing and wireless connectivity to light fixtures.

2021-09-17 Zhaga_ZigBee LoRa LTE NB IOT

How it works

WixLi-Zhaga controller can be fitted to a luminaire through Zhaga socket (according to book 18 – Zhaga consortium).

WixLi-Zhaga is compatible with D4i drivers and has been certified with SR2 drivers from Signify. The product provide electrical measurements (P,U,I, power factor), energy consumption (kWh) and others electrical parameters.

WixLi-Zhaga is available with wireless ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4)  and also LoRa protocol.

  • Lights groups

    Lights groups

  • Energy consumption measurements

    Energy consumption measurements

  • Time Schedule program

    Time Schedule program

  • Wireless real time remote control

    Wireless real time remote control

  • Diagnostic and report

    Diagnostic and report

  • Smart city platform

    Smart city platform

  • Sensor management

    Sensor management

  • Light dimming

    Light dimming

Technical characteristics

Normative rules :

  • EN301489
  • EN61000-4-5 (until 6kV) EN61347-2-11 :2001
  • EN300328
  • EN301489-1 & EN301489-3
  • EN60950-1
  • EN62479

Power supply :

  • Input DC 24V nominal (provided by driver)
  • Standby Power consumption < 1W

Communication :

Wireless mesh ZigBee (IEEE802.15.4) :

  • Frequency band 2.4GHz ( TX dBm / sensibility RX -100dBm)
  • Radio range : until 250 meters (node from node)

Wireless LoRa :

  • Frequency band 868MHz (TX 14 dBm)
  • Radio range : until 10 km (free field condition)

Drivers / ballast control :

  • Compatible with D4i drivers
  • Electrical measurements P, U, I, kWh
  • Load capacity until 5 drivers DALI with independant schedule activity

Features :

  • Sensor input (one logical input
  • Internal GPS for automatic location and time synchronization
  • OTA update (over the air).
  • Fail safe mode (automatic light ON in case of default)
  • CLO (Control Light Output) in option
  • LEDs indicator : power supply (red) / radio (green)

Mechanical :

  • Diameter 80mm x H 35mm
  • Zhaga socket according to book 18
  • Translucent or custom design

Operatings condition :

  • Temperature : -30 °C / +80 °C
  • Protection class : IP66


Wixli-Zhaga can be fitted on the luminaire through Zhaga interface (book 18-Consortium Zhaga).

  • Plug and lock fixation
  • Wireless mesh network
  • DALI interface
  • GPS automatic positionning
  • Energy consumption and diagnostic