WixLi Nema

WixLiTM is a standardized wireless solution dedicated to street lighting management which is based on few kinds of equipments (nodes controller and gateway). A web application software allows remote programming and supervision.

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How WixLi Nema works

WixLi-NEMA controller can be fitted to a luminaire through NEMA twist lock ANSI C136.41 socket. Light level can be adjusted trough DALI interface, a controller can managed until five DALI drivers according to differents time schedule and agendas.


WixLi-NEMA uses wireless ZigBee mesh or LoRa network  to allow communication between luminaires. The controller provides a sensor input which is compatible with a dry contacts of any kinds of sensors (presence, movement or traffic, detectors…) to adapt the light levels on demand on a group of luminaires.


Thanks to a built-in power meter, controller WixLi-NEMA is able to provide electrical measurements (P,U,I, power factor), energy consumption (kWh) , luminaires diagnostics.

  • Lights groups

    Lights groups

  • Energy consumption measurements

    Energy consumption measurements

  • Time Schedule program

    Time Schedule program

  • Wireless real time remote control

    Wireless real time remote control

  • Diagnostic and report

    Diagnostic and report

  • Smart city platform

    Smart city platform

  • Sensor management

    Sensor management

  • Light dimming

    Light dimming

Technical characteristics

2021 09 17c Nema_logos ZigBee_LoRa_LTE_IOT

Contrôleur Wilxi-NEMA 7 avec support ANSI C136.41

Normative rules :

  • EN301489
  • EN61000-4-5 (until 6kV)
  • EN61347-2-11 :2001
  • EN300328
  • EN301489-1 & EN301489-3
  • EN60950-1
  • EN62479

Power supply :

  • Input AC 110-240 Vac/ 50Hz
  • Galvanic isolation 4kVrms min (primary/secondary)
  • Standby Power consumption < 1W
  • Class II (no earth)

Communication :

  • Wireless mesh ZigBee protocoI IEEE802.15.4
  • Frequency band 2.4GHz ( TX dBm / sensibility RX -100dBm)
  • Radio range : until 250 meters (free field condition)

Drivers / ballast control :

  • DALI interface for dimming according to IEC62386
  • DALI driver ON/OFF (relay 5 Arms / 250VAC)
  • Electrical measurements P, U, I, kWh, power factor (cos ɸ)
  • Load capacity until 6 drivers DALI with independant schedule activity

Features :

  • Sensor input (one logical input)
  • Internal GPS for automatic location and time synchronization
  • OTA update (over the air)
  • Fail safe mode (automatic light ON in case of default)
  • CLO (Control Light Output) in option
  • LEDs indicator : power supply (red) / radio (green)

Mechanical :

  • Diameter 85mm x H 70mm
  • NEMA twist lock ANSI C136.41 socket

Operatings condition :

  • Temperature : -30 °C / +80 °C
  • Protection class : IP66


Wixli-NEMA can be fitted on the luminaire through NEMA interface (NEMA Twist Lock 7 ANSI C136.41)

  • Plug and lock fixation
  • Wireless mesh network
  • DALI interface
  • GPS automatic positionning
  • Energy consumption kWh and diagnostic